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Upcoming Events

12 Sales of X-Mas

Event starts: 2023-12-14, 12:00pm

Event ends: 2023-12-26, 12:00pm

Where: RGComics

RGComics has decided that just our regular 1 day Boxing Day Sale isn't going to cut it this year!!
So we are going to have 11 flash sales leading up to our Boxing Day Blowout! AND we have added 2 more hours EVERY DAY!
Thurs Dec 14th-ALL Graphic short boxes $7.50!!
Fri Dec 15th- Downstairs Back issues/Variants $2.00
Sat Dec 16th- ALL Pops 25% off
Sun Dec 17th- Statues 25% off
Mon Dec 18th- Toys/Games 25% off
Tues Dec 19th- Dollar books 25 cents ea!!
Wed Dec 20th- Comic Sets 25% off
Thurs Dec 21st- Wall/Key books 25% off
Fri Dec 22nd- TPB's/Graphic Novels 25% off
Sat Dec 23rd- Games/Novels25% off
Sun Dec 24th- Upstairs Back Issues 25% off
Mon Dec 25th- CLOSED ( Rogues 1 day off a year!)